Friday, January 28, 2011

My Kitchen Counter

I smile to myself as I think about a conversation I heard over the holidays one early morning between Amelia (Mia) age 4 and Bob (Big B) 60, while they were sitting at the kitchen counter. It was just a few days after our youngest son, Stuart, announced his engagement to Ashley. Mia and her sister, Natalie, had just been asked to be flower girls in their upcoming June wedding. Mia was so excited, and just waking up -- still a little early morning dreamy -- she said to Big B, “You know, Big B, I gonna be a flower in the wedding and toss petals too…… and you, Big B, YOU are gonna be a handsome prince, so you need to be sure and show up in your best costume.” How adorable! Big B and I laughed, and I thought to myself, “This is going to be so much fun!” Glimpses of a wedding through the flower girls eyes!

For the simple joys of loving life, I am grateful. Conversations around our kitchen counter always encourage me to ponder and consider different perspectives of life. I would say most of the “Kitchen Counter Therapy” at our house is easy, fun, and insightful. Occasionally, there is that difficult conversation, challenging everyone not to react, but to prayerfully listen, respond with respect, and consider needed changes to the challenges of the day. But the early morning kitchen encounters at the counter can easily set the tone for the day and of course laughter is always the best medicine!

For my kitchen counter… I am grateful!

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