Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grateful for a Missionary Right Here in My Own Town

Looking forward to a cup of coffee... and so much more.

I have a very special friend, Jennifer, and she is coming over for a visit shortly. It is amazing how in a short time God can knit your heart with someone.

As my husband, Bob, was in the hospital recovering from open heart surgery, Jennifer first appeared. “Just came by to check on you guys,” she would say, and my heart would sing, “Thank-you, thank-you.” Jennifer has a master’s degree in exercisology and works with heart patients. Her kindness and her laugh, along with her expertise, brought us much comfort and joy in those “hospital days.”

Jennifer is leaving soon on a mission trip. I know it will be a wonderful time for her and for those she ministers too. I know that because she was a missionary right in her own hometown, right in the midst of an ordinary day, just being Jennifer, God used her in our lives… and we will always be grateful for her gift of friendship.

If we would all be missionaries in the everyday, this world would be a better place!

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